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Barney's Boathouse Closes Tempe Location, Sets Sail for Old Town Scottsdale

Barney's Boathouse's Tempe location has officially set sail for more upscale, Axe-doused waters. 

The Arizona State University neighbor and day drinking staple has been sold. A three story, 5,000 square foot bar and restaurant in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale with the same monkier is set to open around Labor Day, says owner Chris Barnett. 

With the move, they're really classing up the joint. They're replacing the "Gilligan's Island" feel for something more Yacht Rock or "Margaritaville." It has a definite Scottsdale vibe, Barnett says, complete with a rooftop patio overlooking Scottsdale, giant saltwater aquariums, booth seating, a private party room and an expanded menu. 

Barnett has had his eye on the location at 7341 E. Sixth Ave. for quite some time while it sat vacant for the last year and a half. Scottsdale is his home, and he wanted to make it Barney's home as well. 

"I just love Scottsdale's scene," he says. 

The restaurant will host a hiring fair in about two weeks and are looking to hire between 40 and 60 new employees. The plan is to make the spot more sports-centric by hosting sunday football events, but will play music videos on their 34 flat screen televisions come nightfall. 

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Christina Caldwell