Barrett-Jackson, Love Me Nots, and Trunk Space Over the Weekend

Love Me Nots Music Video Premiere at Martini Ranch Friday night at Martini Ranch, Love Me Nots, along with their pals Mod Zombies, brought the house down in honor of "Do What You Do," the new music video from Love Me Nots...see photos

Car Porn at Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction 2010 The hot cars at Barrett-Jackson may be beyond our wallets, but that doesn't mean we can't salivate over their shiny, chrome sexiness. Check out all the car-on-car action including designer cars, cars on the auction block, and even the Bat Mobile equipped with machine guns...see photos

The Science and Technology Expo at Trunk Space Back in 2004, I became a fan of both the Minibosses and Flagstaff's I Hate You When You're Pregnant after attending gigs by both bands at such venues as Modified Arts and the Argo. Both bands served as something of a gateway drug to the rest of the PHX indie music community as I then learned about other awesome PHX groups, such as After Any Accident, Meathwhistle, The Necronauts, Blanche Davidian, Colorstore, et cetera...full story

See: The Science and Technology Expo at Trunk Space in photos

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