Bassnectar, Marquee Theatre, 10/17/12

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Bassnectar @ Marquee Theatre|10/17/12

Love for bass was in full supply for Wednesday night's Bassnectar show at Marquee Theatre -- not to mention the three semi trucks to supply the light set up as well the sound systems made for bass.

Bassnectar (real name: Lorin Ashton) has made his mark as to what it seems to be one of the best EDM performances Tempe has seen in quite a while. If you thought bass had hit its maximum amount at the Marquee during Excision's show in February 2012, man, you were sadly mistaken.

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Driving by the Marquee three hours before the Marquee's doors opened, car were beginning to caravan and people started to form a line. I knew this was going to one hell of a night.

A universal feeling came over me once I made my way in, and I started remembering my previous experience with Bassnectar from our chat prior to the show and seeing the one and only Loren Ashton live at Electric Forest 2012.

In my prior experience with the man himself, I've found myself having respect for him in many different ways. He is affirmed of his feelings and emotional break downs through his speech and mainly he has displayed that within his music.

Gramatik preformed before Bassnectar. He opened with his remix of the Beatles version of "Don't Let Me Down," featuring a live guitarist. Gramatik's beats were soothing and even went a bit hard to get us in the correct mindset just before Bassnectar took to the stage.

As soon as Gramatik had ended, my two friends and I headed towards the bar to grab some waters and such. The lines were insane, the Marquee was packed and the crowd was anxious. I was ready to get back out to the dance floor so that I could have my space scoped out and be 100% prepared.

Next thing you knew pulses went throughout the venue. Bassnectar was on. The faces of all those stuck at the bar trying to order a drink just gleamed. I said, "screw the drinks," and ran back into the crowd.

The bass was penetrating everyone's ears. Fuck the Q-Tips -- that bass cleared everything out. It was glorious. The way Bassnectar's music was presented and layed out was one massive wave of beauty with spanks of bass punches and drops.

The whole night was glorious. Bassnectar took full control of the crowd and night . He played his own hits melting in some of his newer works from his Freestyle Mixtape and his song, "Hexes" featuring Chino Moreno.

His popular works such as his remix of "Immigranida" that are from the work of Gypsy Punk rock Band, Gogol Bordello and added his massive build of in drops that emotionally brought the crowd together screaming, "Hey!" and dancing around like maniacs...or bass heads. I was hoping Bassnectar would stay away from his pop hit, the remix of "Lights" by Ellie Goulding, but he didn't. To my surprise Bassnectar pulled it off.

To a typically EDM concert time seems to just fly. However the night was young for Bassnectar and the time didn't just fade away. The night went on through massive drum and bass, dubstep, glitch-hop and more sounds.

Bassnectar has pushed Tempe to a new level and clearly Tempe was ready. The bar was set Wednesday night for the best EDM show thus far. I can agree that many would not attest to that statement.

If you didn't enter as a bass head you surely left as one.

Personal Bias: Put me somewhere Bassnectar is playing and I would never complain. The Crowd: People whomping the night away. (Assured to wake up with back and neck pain.) Overhead in the Crowd: "Dude, I can beat in my chest." And "LOOK!, My arm hair is rising." All night long and it never stopped. Tips from Tay: If you're going to see an artist to this extent of popularity, make sure you get your tickets before the night so you don't have to wait in lines at will-call and praying that the artist hasn't come on yet. The truth shall set you free.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.