Everything You Need to Know About Bassrush Massive Arizona This Weekend

Christian Srigley and Leighton James of Adventure Club, one of the headliners of Bassrush Massive Arizona.
Christian Srigley and Leighton James of Adventure Club, one of the headliners of Bassrush Massive Arizona. Courtesy of MSOPR
Bass music has a funny effect on certain people.

Not only does it have a tendency to get hearts pounding, fists pumping, and (of course) eardrums rattling, electronic dance tracks that are heavy on booming bass and subharmonic sounds have a way of making bodies move harder, faster, and stronger. Heck, a scientific study from a few years back even determined that bass-heavy music makes listeners feel more powerful. (No joke. Look it up.)

And then there are those who just dig it, period, and will hit up EDM gigs where the speakers and subwoofers are rattling with dubstep, drum ’n’ bass, or genres of that ilk — for instance, the inaugural Bassrush Massive Arizona on Saturday, May 6, at Rawhide Event Center in Chandler.

As its name implies, the festival focuses on bass-oriented sounds like d’n’b, trap, future bass, the multiple flavors of dubstep, and similar genres.

Naturally, all the artists and DJs schduled to perform at the event — including Adventure Club, Flux Pavilion, NGHTMRE, Andy C, Herobust, SayMyName, Phiso, and Tisoki — are big into the wub wub in some form or fashion.

While Saturday’s festival will be the first time a Bassrush Massive has happened in Arizona, similar events have taken place in Southern California and cities around the U.S. for numerous years.

The Bassrush brand was created by LA-based EDM powerhouse Insomniac, which is putting on this weekend’s event with local promoter Relentless Beats, back in the '90s is associated with club events and festivals. There’s also a Bassrush record label, which launched last fall.

Since the event is new to the Valley, we’ve pulled together some information on the event in case y’all want to know what to expect — other than massive amounts of bass music, of course. Read on for a rundown of what's happening out at Rawhide this weekend.

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Bass-friendly DJ/producer Flux Pavilion.
Courtesy of Circle Talent Agency
When and Where: Bassrush Massive Arizona will take place on Saturday, May 6, at Rawhide Event Center, 5700 West North Loop Road in Chandler. Gates open at 5 p.m. and the festival goes until 2:30 a.m.

Prices: General admission to the event is $65. VIP access for the 21-plus crowd is $85 and features quicker entry, a souvenir lanyard and badge, a complimentary adult beverage, and the chance to party on a private viewing deck. Posh seating and table packages are also available starting at $500 and include a variety of perks.

Age Limits: Anyone 18 and over can attend, and those 21 and over can drink.

Getting There: Rawhide is located off Interstate 10 in Chandler Take Exit 162 (Wild Horse Pass Boulevard/Sundust Road) and head west. You'll then want to turn left onto Sundust Road and follow the signs to the event.

Parking: The cost is $10 per vehicle.

Weather: It’s May in Arizona, so expect plenty of sun and temperatures in the 90s at the start of the event. It will get cooler as the evening progresses, but you’ll want to be mindful of the heat, as well as your activity and hydration levels.

Food and Drink: There will be bars for those of legal age wanting to get their drink on, and a variety of concession stands, vendors, and food trucks for anyone who’s hungry.

Water: As is the norm for any festival, a free refill station will be available for attendees. Camelbak-style water packs are allowed, provided they're empty when you enter the event. Vendors will also have bottles of water for sale.

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Tyler Marenyi, better known as NGHTMRE.
Courtesy of Circle Talent Agency
Performers and Schedule: Bass-friendly artists will begin performing about 20 minutes after gates open and keep things going up until 2:30 a.m. Here’s the official schedule of who’s playing and when:

5 p.m.: Gates open
5:20 p.m.: Special guest
6:20 p.m.: Phiso
7:20 p.m.: SayMyName
8:20 p.m.: Herobust
9:25 p.m.: Andy C.
10:45 p.m.: NGHTMRE
Midnight: Flux Pavilion
1:15 a.m.: Adventure Club

Bring: Earplugs are a must for any EDM festival, especially one where bass beats will be pounding. A government-issued ID is also essential, since the event staff will need to see it before forking over your tickets. Cash is also a good idea, as is a fully charged cellphone. Unopened ChapStick, tampons, or packs of cigarettes are also acceptable.

If you’re feeling colorful, you can also bring glowsticks, LED poi (as long as you spin it at least five feet away from others), illuminated toys or costumes, kandi jewelry, and hula hoops. Your totem is also cool, but only if it's made from lightweight materials and is no bigger than 10 feet in height.

Don't bring: Anything that’s dangerous or disruptive, including your attitude. Also forbidden are any sort of drugs, illegal substances, weapons, fireworks, eye drops, large bags, laser pointers, pets, or outside food or drink. Also, no masks, pacifiers, or LED gloves or microlight devices. The full list of banned items can be found here.
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