B.B. King, Purity Ring, Tallest Man on Earth, and More Over the Weekend

Purity Ring @ Crescent Ballroom

Lesson of the day: don't overestimate the obscurity of a band. Or, at least check ticket sales. I went to Purity Ring confident that standing room would be still available for me and my girlfriend, but I was the only one able to get in. I needed to cover this show for the blog you are now reading (So meta, I know. Chuck Klosterman and I should be pals.) But I couldn't just leave my girlfriend in the parking lot, right? I may be inconsiderate enough to meld work and a relationship, but I didn't expect her to play "Cut The Rope" on her phone for an hour.

So we went down the street to see Lightning Bolt at the Trunk Space but that show was sold out too! Fuck. We ended up sitting in the Bikini Lounge, sipping Coke and zoning out, until I went back to the Crescent Ballroom for the show with Canadian synth pop duo, Purity Ring. -- Troy Farah

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B.B. King, Tedeschi Trucks Band @ Comerica Theatre

Let's get something straight: last night's show at Comerica Theatre was not a B.B. King show. It was a Tedeschi Trucks Band concert. B.B. King was not the headliner, much to the surprise of a few. And in all honesty, Tedeschi Trucks would have upstaged him if he was, but that's sort of the idea: King is an originator, a storied bluesman who inspired countless followers, followers like Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi.

With that out of the way, what transpired last night, as a whole, was nothing short of some of the greatest blues music this city will ever see. -- Richard Noel Read the full B.B. King/Tedeschi Trucks Band review. See the B.B. King slideshow.

Tallest Man on Earth @ Crescent Ballroom

It's not hard to find a folk singer strumming a guitar in public. Stumble into a coffee shop or look out on the street corner and you're bound to find someone doing it. Finding someone in one these spots who also happens to be a really great at it can be a more difficult task.

Once you do find that person you're bound to run into the inevitable comparisons to Bob Dylan. These comparisons are something that the Tallest Man on Earth (songwriter Kristian Mattson) is very familiar with. The Swedish born singer/songwriter has received more than his fair share of Dylan comparisons but as he demonstrated last night in front of a sold-out crowd at Crescent Ballroom, he's anything but a Dylan clone. -- Mike Escoto Read more about Tallest Man on Earth @ Crescent Ballroom.

Stabbing at Scottsdale's Rogue Bar After Argument Leaves Two Injured

Word has broken that an altercation took place early this morning at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale that resulted in two people being stabbed.

According to Scottsdale Police officials and a number of posts on Facebook, a dispute took place between patrons of the dive bar/music venue at approximately 1:30 a.m. during the weekly Rebel Yell dance night and escalated into violence.

Per Sergeant Mark Clark of Scottsdale P.D., two male patrons at the Rogue confronted the suspect in the alleged stabbing, claiming he was hitting on their girlfriends. The would-be lothario then allegedly pulled a knife and stabbed one of his accusers in the face and the other in the arm. It is unknown whether the incident took place inside the bar or in the parking lot outside. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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