Beach House Announces Rhythm Room Show

Now, Teen Dream has yet to be released -- it's due for release on January 26 -- but in the golden age of the Internet, that didn't stop anyone from hearing the album and also enjoying it immensely. 2010 needed its early indie juggernaut -- Animal Collective was 2009's version -- and it found its mark with Beach House. It's only fitting that the duo -- Baltimore's own Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand -- make their way to the Rhythm Room on April 19. Kiwi indie-pop outfit Bachelorette will tour in support. 

Tickets are $12 can be found through


Now, as I have mentioned before, this year's Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival will take place April 16-18. I have already speculated that Yeasayer's Phoenix date -- coupled with an absent Los Angeles date -- on April 15 most likely means they will be playing at Coachella that weekend. Beach House is the next band to unofficially -- by way of their tour schedule -- announce that they will be playing Coachella. Their Phoenix date is the Monday after the festival, and the date before they play Phoenix is April 15 in San Luis Obispo -- not Los Angeles. I say Beach House has a Coachella date lined up. You heard it here first.

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