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Beamz Player: Check Out This Rad New Laser-Based Musical Instrument

Ever wanted to play a freakin' laser beam? Like, instead of an instrument?

A Scottsdale company called Beamz Interactive gives you the chance with a device called the Beamz Player. It's a cool little gadget: The $199 player is hooked to a computer and speakers and you coax pre-programmed tones from it by wiggling your fingers in the laser beams that shoot across it.

We had one of the guys who manufacture and sell the thing drop by our office to show it off. Check out the video above to see a pro make it look easy and a music critic make it look really, really hard. Seriously, this this is tons of fun.

How cool would it be to see someone like Daft Punk playing it on stage?

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Martin Cizmar
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