Beard Trend Bad For Razor Sellers?

OK, so it's not quite The Onion but it's cool to see these ASU kids take their shot at satire with this reasonably-entertaining fake news story. The basic idea? The recession-caused beard trend has been glorified by Hollywood and is ruining America.

"Gillete had made huge strides everywhere in informing men about the consequences of growing a beard, from general female repulsion to accusations of pedophilia," says one student-actor playing the part of a Gillete spokesman. That actor gets a little too excited at one point, and mysteriously starts talking with a hint of a British accent. The kid playing Beard Enthusiast #1 later does a lot better.

If nothing else lets hope it emboldens ASU journalism students to go big on April 1. If your student newspaper doesn't get sued and/or boycotted over an April Fools Day issue, you didn't do your job, kids.

Oh, and are beards ruining America? I've had one for the last year, and had one for six months of the previous year, so I'll sit out while you discuss amongst yourselves.

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