DJ Dossier

Beat Mass DJs Talk fauxShow, Coachella, Prince, Flying Lotus, Gorillaz, and More

Names: Mike Dwyer & Jake Brennan

AKA: Beat Mass

Current club nights: Guest appearances at fauxShow at Club Sanctum and Ransom and Philthy Phil's.

Preferred genres: Electro, disco, funk and a dash of old school hip-hop.

What is Beat Mass? It's kind of like a going to a church service that you would actually want to go to.

How did you get started as DJs? We pretty much have played music together forever, jamming with drums, guitar, piano etc. but we wanted to really get into the nightlife scene where all the fun is happening and DJ'n proved to be a great move for that. We have always been fascinated with what DJ's were doing because it was so foreign to us, but when we started to think a little more serious about it we watched this documentary called Scratch and that sold us. We were inspired.

Where can you be found when not DJing: In the basement making more music. We are total nerds when it comes to this electronic stuff, and we are very fortunate to have such a great set-up.

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