Beat Mass DJs Talk fauxShow, Coachella, Prince, Flying Lotus, Gorillaz, and More

Names: Mike Dwyer & Jake Brennan

AKA: Beat Mass

Current club nights: Guest appearances at fauxShow at Club Sanctum and Ransom and Philthy Phil's.

Preferred genres: Electro, disco, funk and a dash of old school hip-hop.

What is Beat Mass? It's kind of like a going to a church service that you would actually want to go to.

How did you get started as DJs? We pretty much have played music together forever, jamming with drums, guitar, piano etc. but we wanted to really get into the nightlife scene where all the fun is happening and DJ'n proved to be a great move for that. We have always been fascinated with what DJ's were doing because it was so foreign to us, but when we started to think a little more serious about it we watched this documentary called Scratch and that sold us. We were inspired.

Where can you be found when not DJing: In the basement making more music. We are total nerds when it comes to this electronic stuff, and we are very fortunate to have such a great set-up.

Best memory as DJs: Probably the first time we ever played out, which was at Hotel San Carlos for Tune in Tokyo. We had no idea what to expect but it was a blast and a lot of people came out. Plus we scored a free room out of it and partied our asses off in celebration of the gig.

Where have been your favorite places to spin at in PHX? Party Foul at Homme Lounge was awesome! That was our first exposure too, so we miss that place it was fun. Philthy Phil's is a fun place to play too; it's interactive with the crowd, having the DJ's set up right on the dance floor. fauxShow at Club Sanctum is pretty rad, they've got great lighting and quite the sound set up. When it comes down to it though, we like to play anywhere there is a good crowd; we just want people to have fun.

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  • Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019 / 7:00pm @ Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum 1326 W. Mcdowell Rd Phoenix AZ 85007
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What do you like about spinning for hipsters: If you're speaking of all the awesome people who actually come out to these gigs...then we'd say we love every minute of it and there's nothing to dislike about it. Everyone comes out and dances and has a good time without any bad vibes whatsoever. We love these kids, and they don't stumble over to your DJ set begging you to play "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha, thank God.

How do you get a party going? We don't do to much building up if we play a set. We just kinda jump in and play as many in-your-face/dance-your-ass-off tunes as we can until peoples feet hurt.

What do you like best about the PHX scene? Its very open to newcomers. At least for us, we have been DJ'n less than a year and had some great opportunities already. It's quite a bit smaller compared to somewhere like LA, so you start to meet people fast and if you work hard people are open to giving you a chance. Everyone is pretty friendly too, definitely a tight network going on. We feel as if it is a growing city. It's only a matter of time before Phoenix begins to jump in the spotlight.

What will you be doing at Coachella? Coachella was totally an unexpected surprise. I mean seeing DJ's play at Coachella is one of the reasons we wanted to start so bad. Global Inheritance is this organization putting on an exhibit there promoting green energy and you had to submit your mixes if you wanted to play. We just sent them an e-mail asking a few questions gave them our website and then about a week ago they said "Hey you were selected to play the SweatShop Mixer" we thought it was an April Fools joke, but it turned out we are really playing Saturday night and we couldn't be more amped.

Last album you purchased: I can't say I purchased it but I listened to the new Flying Lotus album [Cosmogramma] and it is amazing! Everything he does is fantastic.

Last song you downloaded: This really cool Prince remix. I love that throwback to disco sound that's coming out, just a bit funkier and more electronic.

Song currently stuck in your head: "Empire Ants" by Gorillaz feat. Little Dragon. Her voice is so captivating in this song!

Current projects: We run a full recording studio out of our house called Harmonic Brew Recordings. It has given us a lot of cool opportunities meet many of the local musicians around town and produce tracks with some of the DJ's here too. Next for Beat Mass is probably an EP or something with our original music. We stay pretty busy recording bands as well.

Any upcoming gigs you'd like to plug? Yucca Tap Room on Tuesday the 13th with the return of Yellow Minute and The Whisperlights. Special guests too and I believe we close the show out.

(Full disclosure: Mike Dwyer is currently employed by Phoenix New Times.)

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