Hip-hop producer Sango.
Hip-hop producer Sango.
Courtesy of WRC Management

Sango Bounces into Phoenix May 19

Though Sango is widely regarded as a hip-hop producer, his beats-driven music is too complex to be tagged with only one label. As much modern bounce as it can have, his arrangements are often like modern tributes to old-school R&B.

On his recent release, In the Comfort Of, tracks like “Sweet Holy Honey,” featuring Xavier Omär, and “Implications” are relaxed, each with a soulful, romantic feeling. As you get lulled by that softness, then all the layers that seemed subtle at first start to present themselves, highlighting Sango’s smooth skills. That latter track won’t make jazz fans sad, either, as a windy sax brings the tune to a close.

He also works in some sounds from Brazilian dance music, as well as computer noises. It’s not all listen-and-chill. The producer has tunes like “Esperado” on De Mim, Pra Você that are keyed-up enough for frenetic dancers to take a liking to. Sango has collaborated with a bunch of artists. He put his touch on contemporary R&B singer Tinashe’s “Cold Sweat,” and released a recording of his mixes of songs by The Weeknd, titled More Balloons. The live show lets you see the beat master in action.

Sango performs Saturday, May 19, at Crescent Ballroom. Tickets are $18 to $21 at crescentphx.com.

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