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Behind Arcade Fire's New Album Art: Check Out the Photographer's Explanation

Arcade Fire is officially one of the biggest bands in the world. Like, their latest tour dates, announced yesterday, feature a stop at Madison Square freakin' Garden.

How did it happen? If I had to pinpoint the band's best attribute, I'd say it's an uncompromising attention to every detail. Simply put, everything the band does, says, sings, plays or approves is as close to perfect as it can make it. That extends to hiring Gabriel Jones to shoot the cover of the band's new album, The Suburbs.

As Jones tells it:

These images where taken during a road trip in various suburbs in Texas followed by a studio shoot in Montreal where the selected suburb images where then projected on a large projection screen. The car and band members where positioned in front of the various suburb landscapes. This series of images are exploring a north American suburb experience and the memory that one can have from their suburban youth.
Yup, sounds like quite the project. The results are predictably impressive. Jones' pictures also made it on to the postcard the band used to alert publications it had a new album coming out (sadly, we didn't get one as far as I can tell) and a tour planned.

Check out more of Jones' work, including a few more images for The Suburbs, here.

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Martin Cizmar
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