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Being Cool Is Lonely Drop "Bones and Boots" and Discuss "the Art of the Remix"

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Electronic duo Being Cool Is Lonely get sex appeal. Their new single, "Bones and Boots," is deliciously infectious and more than a little sinister. Along with the new song, the duo's been updating their Soundcloud page with remixes by their ever-increasing cast of admirers.

We caught up with BCIL to talk about the new track, "Bones and Boots," as well as their take on the "art of the remix."

Up on the Sun: Tell us a little about the new single, "Bones + Boots."

Tiffe Fermaint: All of our songs, including "Bones + Boots," reflect on our lives. We talk about things we know and feel. This track, in particular, touches on the subject of hard work and providing. It's about long work days that eat into having a personal life and time spent with the significant other. But it's all done with the big picture in mind. For the future and for whom that might include. It is from personal experience, but I also feel that many people may relate. I see many people around us live the same struggle.

Keith Walker: I started with the music for this track based around a very basic bass line that automatically evoked a strong melody. Tiffe wrote lyrics as I continued to write the music. From there we recorded Tiffe's vocals, I added bridge vocals and added some color and effects and mixed it. The track came together naturally for us.

When you last spoke to New Times, you mentioned there are a lot of remixes of "Find You" in the works and on Sunday you posted a re-mix by Mexico's Soniccone. You also mentioned possibly doing some remixes of your own. Can you talk a little bit about the "art of the remix" and it's place in music?

Walker: Remixing is very much an art that I have huge respect for. I have done a number of remixes over the years for various artists. Most recently as Unity of Noise, remixing two tracks for The Love Me Nots alongside my good friend and brilliant EDM producer Jim Wilcox, a.k.a. Blue Collar Prophet.

What really appeals to me is that someone can completely deconstruct a tune and rebuild it in a way one might not have thought possible. Remixing is very much for the imaginative among us.

Personally, I like all sorts of remixes from minimal electro to deep house and that's the beauty of remixing -- there really are no limits. However, some tracks do get over-remixed, where there are literally hundreds of remixes of one track.

Being Cool Is Lonely have had an overwhelming interest from artists and re-mixers from all over the world. Currently there are a number of BCIL remixes in the works. In the U.K. we have Michael Hooker from Sound Records working on a remix of "Bones + Boots" and Joe Berelli, another up and coming U.K. based re-mixer, is also working on a remix for "Bones + Boots". We also have Phoenix's own Goldsmith putting the finishing touches to a remix of "Your Love" which is due out in the next few weeks and last week saw the release of "Find You" remixes from Phoenix electro duo Hit'N'Run.

Soniccone approached us about remixing "Your Love." Its been really nice working with him; he's got a very unique style which we really like. He's currently working on a remix for "Song for Nico." We are also really excited about Djmykill working on a remix for "Your Love." He's been blowing up the hype-machine charts recently with a slew of exceptional remixes.

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