Bellagio Palace's Opens New Hookah Lounge/Dance Club Called "The Joint"

DJ Tranzit isn't shy about sharing his opinion about Bellagio Palace's hookah lounge The Joint.

"It's a nice venue, very slick-looking, and the sound system is sick," Tranzit says of the West Phoenix after-hours nightclub, which featured his turntable talents during its grand opening this past weekend.

Located along 35th Avenue just north of Greenway Road, the upscale westside establishment functions as a banquet/reception hall during most of the week. Come Saturday evenings, however, it's dubbed The Joint and will host 18-and-over dance nights that run until the sun comes up.

But while he's eager to praise the 8,000-square-foot spot for its many amenities (including a large dance floor, VIP areas padded with red velvet, and top-of-the-line Dynacord sound system similar to that of Cream Stereo Lounge in Scottsdale), Tranzit also had a few criticisms of the opening night affair.

"The turnout really wasn't that great," he says. "It's far from everyone else in Scottsdale and Tempe, so it's gonna take a few weeks for it to build up a following."

Given its swanky vibe and the all-star lineup of local DJs who spun during the grand opening (including Timothy Heit, Sean Essex, dk.strickler, and the World Famous Rani G.), that probably won't be that difficult a feat. Especially since The Joint adds another badly needed option for West Valley nightlife patrons.

And while it won't be serving any firewater at its long wooden bar, a variety of energy drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages will be available, in addition to a staggering selection of 100 different flavored tobaccos.

The Joint/Bellagio Palace is located at 15820 North 35th Avenue. The 18-and-over dance parties run every Saturday from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Check its website and Facebook page for more info.

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