Ben Folds Is Coming to Tempe This Fall

Ben Folds returns to the Valley with a twist on audience requests.
Ben Folds returns to the Valley with a twist on audience requests. Kholood Eid
King of the 88 keys Ben Folds has announced an extensive tour this fall, with a stop at Marquee Theatre in Tempe on Friday, September 22.

While his live performances are already highly interactive, Folds is flipping the script when it comes to planning this upcoming tour's set list. A few years ago, he encouraged his enthusiastic fans to — in lieu of shouting favorite songs for the encore — launch their requests on stage as a paper airplane.

It quickly became a tradition, with Folds even providing the paper at some shows.

This upcoming tour will feature an entire set of all "airplane requests" from the audience. Anything from his staggering career is fair game, including songs from Ben Folds Five. Fan favorites like "Brick" and "Army" will certainly have their fair share of planes, so we suggest taking the summer to revisit his catalog and (literally) throw in some deeper cuts ("Underground" or "Kate" perhaps?).

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. on Friday, June 16, for $35 at

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