Best Band Name Ever?

vag%20of%20honor.jpg I haven't heard this band yet, but Vag of Honor definitely ranks high in my opinion as far as band names go. It's supposedly feminist grindcore, but the grrrls really need to get some songs up on the Myspace or list some shows so I know it's for real. I wouldn't miss a Vag of Honor show... This is how they describe the band: in this so called "mans world" we woman have decided to rise against the tyrannical male patriarchy. we women are the stronger sex and we will fight to prove it. we are the life system for the human race. we have babies, we breast feed, and we multi task. we also play grindcore better than anyone. our 1st e.p. " Gender Roles and Bloody Holes" will be out winter on Cunt Tree records.

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