The devil in disguise? Local bands sold at Best Buy?
The devil in disguise? Local bands sold at Best Buy?

Best Buy Will Now Stock Local Music. Is it a Good Plan For Your Band?

If there's ever been such a thing as a two-sided coin, or an ethical conundrum, here it is. It seems that Best Buy stores will be stocking CDs from local bands. And not just ultra-cool, well-selling local bands. Apparently, they're willing to stock any local band. That means yours too! What's the catch? Well, there's a $250 fee for stocking it. And then $100 for every additional CD, with a discounted price for EPs. But wait, there's more! You also have to use Best Buy's distributor. However bands get to keep $5.15 on every CD sold.

So here we have a classic dilemma. On the one hand, there's an opportunity for increased exposure of local bands, in a situation where they actually get paid for their product. On the other hand, what the hell? Charging a band to stock their CDs? Not to mention that who the hell would wanna buy a CD, let alone a local CD, from Best Buy when there are a plethora of fantastic, independently-owned local record stores to choose from? Decide for yourself, but I'll take my local mom-and-pop any day of the week.

STORY: Best Buy Wants $250 to Stock Your Band's CD

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