Best Coast's drum kit
Best Coast's drum kit

Best Coast Brings Snacks and a Hand Clap Guy to Rhythm Room

When a band uses a cat named Snacks as the mascot for their drum kit, you know the group is cool. And when there's a guy at the show whose seemingly only duty is to get people to clap their hands, the group gets even cooler. Such is the case with Best Coast, an indie pop band that managed to sell out the Rhythm Room last night to the point where people felt like they were getting trampled.

See what people were saying below, and read our review here.

@jean_christine- best coast was fucking awesome.

@melissafossum- The Best Coast hand clap guy totally made my evening. He needs to be a core member of BC like Snacks the Cat.

@azecho- @melissafossum guy was high energy, no doubt. at times, i think more people were watching him than the band.

@sddoctor- Its too packed in here, but it sounds good!

@archiefetalpwnr- My heart has been stolen by best coast!!!!!!!!!

@glasspopcorn- saw @bestycoastyy at the rhythm room and lightly mingled w my hero bobb bruno

@man_down- sweet show (@bestycoastyy, you were AMAZING & gained at *least* 2 new fans), stellar friends.... just what the doctor ordered :)

@itelevatesme- So many people at the best coast show. Getting trampled.

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