There's nothing like sifting through the missed connections after your favorite concert of the year.

Craigslist is poppin' with missed connections from Coachella. With the Coachella car camping grounds being a great place to hook up with strangers and whatnot, plenty of festival goers probably got some action.

But what about those hipsters who longed for love yet tragically got separated in a sea of Arcade Fire fans? What about the romantics who danced together in the Sahara tent but couldn't catch the other person's name because it was too loud?

Some of those guys and girls legitimately want to find those people. Luckily their ads make for some good quick reads.

Best Missed Connections From Coachella

Happy Coachella, everybody. True love is out there, even amongst shy kandi kids and forgetful stoners.

Check out the Coachella missed connections after the jump...

Horse-loving Arcade Fire fan

Aww, this guy is both creative and he likes Mumford and Sons! He seems genuine, honest, and normal. Best of all, he digs Legends of the Hidden Temple!

Bright Eyes fan with the owl tattoo

Girl with the owl tattoo, if you're out there, apparently you're gorgeous and someone thought you needed to know. You may now proceed to listen to sappy emo pop.

High as a kite Kanye fan

Not only is this dude generous and friendly, but he's a little creepy too. The first thing he wants to know if this guy Adam contacts him is what college he went to. Shouldn't he ask a few more questions before that?

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