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The 20 Best Music Instagram Accounts in Metro Phoenix

If you're looking for a cool Instagram feed, Fairy Bones has a great one.
If you're looking for a cool Instagram feed, Fairy Bones has a great one. Jim Hesterman
Instagram is not only a great way to share music, but it can also make a concert immortal.

If you want to discover some of the best local music, or you just want a picture to remember the concert, we've compiled some of the best Instagram accounts in Phoenix to help you find your groove (in no particular order).

Fairy Bones

Part of what makes Fairy Bones' Instagram feed fun is because you're witnessing a band become stars right before your eyes, and they're having a blast while doing it. You'd be hard-pressed to find a local group using social media this well.


Being a musician is supposed to be fun, right? Rather than using her Insta feed to plug her next performance in the Valley, Peoria-based singer CALLIE YØUNG is living her best life and sharing her triumphs, both large and small, with her growing fan base.


If you've never listed to local synthwave band MRCH, you can get an idea of what you're in for by scrolling through their Instagram feed. Their shots are as dark and moody as a David Lynch film.

Recker Eans

This prepubescent drummer from Gilbert is living his best life, whether he's stepping behind the kit for Pennywise or hanging out with Tom Morello. Now you can hang with the Valley's coolest kid thanks to his Instagram account, which is maintained by his parents.

Mega Ran

Phoenix's nerdiest rapper seems to tour nonstop, and he often posts pics of himself hanging out at the coolest spots in the cities where he performs. If you want to come along for the ride, be sure to subscribe to his feed.

DeLa Preme

The witty rapper, born and raised in Glendale, extends his sharp delivery and fighting spirit to his socials, including his humorous videos.

The Doyénne

When the queer electro-rap artist/icon isn't working on the upcoming album The Gestalt, the artist, also known as Syeed Poole, is looking fabulous modeling stage outfits, trying on wigs, or pointing out social injustice.

Jaron Ikner

When the multimedia artist (and former Phoenix New Times contributor) isn't speaking his mind on the current state of hip-hop, he's been sharing his art and excitement over the release of his self-titled new album, which came out last week.


This popular Tempe punk band are preparing to put out a new album next year. In the meantime, they're raising funds by writing custom songs for their fans and opening up about their struggles. If you're suffering, a visit to Sundressed's Instagram page may make you feel less alone.

No Volcano

No Volcano's Jim Andreas is a graphic designer when he and his band aren't putting out a great album year after year. Visit the band's feed to catch a glimpse of his work.

Mishka Shubaly

Do you like cats? Elsie is the feline companion of Mishka Shubaly, and the multi-hyphenate is deeply smitten with her. If Shubaly's feed sounds too cute for words, not to worry. There are also pictures of guitars to even things out.

Fervor Records

Your favorite movie or television show is playing local music, and you don't even know it. Sunnyslope's Fervor Records are music licensing geniuses and often share what selections from their catalog are playing on that Netflix show you've been binging on their feed.

The Rebel Lounge

Most venues use their Instagram account to post posters of upcoming shows and not much else. The Rebel Lounge actually uploads pics from their shows. Sure, if you weren't there, the FOMO is strong, but then you won't want to miss the next show.

Musical Instrument Museum

Have you already seen the Musical Instrument Museum's “Congo Masks and Music: Masterpieces from Central Africa?" Take a glimpse behind the scenes on the attraction's Instagram feed.

Zia Records

If you're looking for some gift inspiration for the nerd in your life, there's plenty of ideas on the local record store's page. Chances are there are some items in their inventory that you had no idea even existed.

The Mo Show!

If you want to know what your favorite morning DJ is up to, check out her official account to see who's in the ALT AZ 93.3 FM studio or which local band is appearing on the Homegrown With Mo show.

Todd's Top Tens

Local musician Todd Hoover (The Invisible Teal) probably listens to more music than anyone in the Valley. He often ranks his favorites on his Instagram page. If you're curious about what inspired your favorite indie album, chances are Hoover has already put together a well-researched list.

Paper Foxes

Are you looking for the local band with the best live photos? Let's just say Paper Foxes are the most photogenic band in the Valley, and their Instagram account proves it.

Jordan Varela

Bands from the '90s like The Goo Goo Dolls probably don't seem exciting on paper, but when seen through the lens of Jordan Varela, they're the hippest band on the planet. His feed shows the photographer has a knack for a great shot.

Ryan Clark

It's safe to say that Ryan Clark sees more local shows than anyone else, and he has the pictures to prove it. Check out the author/photographer's feed to see what bands like The Black Moods and The Pistoleros are up to.
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