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Beyoncé at US Airways Center in 140 Characters or Fewer

Phoenix went twitter-crazy for Beyonce's show at US Airways Center. Here's an assortment of tweets from last night's concert. Also be sure to check out UpOnTheSun's twitter and music editor Martin Cizmar's Twitter for coverage of the show.

Oh, and here's our review.

@divagracefacesitting in he 7th row of the beyonce concert! wow I'm gonna see her sweat!!! I love it! God is amazing!!

@g1enn Wow! Beyonce flew over the audience like tinkerbell. she's now on another stage. Dammit, i can't see.

@djtaktic: Damn beyonce looks bomb as hell in person =)

@ninadonline: Beyonce sang "Ave Maria" and people started cryin dawg

@DeAngeloGreen: On Beyonce's Tribute to MJ @ her concert she made me Cry!!!! Real Talk!!!

@TheMePhi: At the Beyonce concert.... don't judge us. We have a homegirl that dances with her. Plus our seats are sick - 2nd row from the stage.

@YoungProphit: at this Beyonce concert, still waitin for B sittin next to these crazy white bitches! 

@PADAMELUVSANI Ahhhhhh. Beyonce was so good. * heart beating fast* She did do a tribute to MJ :) loved it. Soooo worth it.

@LeoLeti: Beyonce rocked it tonight!

@adrian9481: Beyonce equals one word. Amazing.

@samdiazzBeyonce is the shit. Love her 10x more after tonight!

@TalkingMakeupBeyonce most amazing performance! You'll be in LOVE if you saw her in person...

@crumblerCostume change! Meanwhile fem bot fights a tiger

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