Bieberbombed! We've Been Spotting Justin Bieber In the Weirdest Places

Last week we announced that Justin Bieber is coming to town on September 29. Of course, he responded to our blog by beating up a paparazzo.

But we're still excited to see him at Jobing.com Arena. It seems like a big enough place to house all of the Beliebers, but the thing is, we've seen him around town quite a bit this month. He went to a Cinco de Mayo party with a Slushie, posed with a giant bong on 4-20, showed his feminist side, protested against Arpaio, and revealed that his real name might be Jose.

"Really?" you ask. Well, look on for "proof."

Bieber says: Bongs away!

Bieber grabs some munchies after his huge bong rip, but still manages to keep his hair looking Bieber-cool.

Bieber fights back against the War on Women.

Bieber won't take the War on Women lying down...

Bieber and Babeu, together at last.

Bieber drops the block-rocking beats.

Bieber is one dapper snacker.

True Beliebers keep up the good fight at last month's SB 1070 protest.

Hang loose, bro-iebers.

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