Big Gigantic, Marquee Theater, 10/3/12

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Big Gigantic @ Marquee Theatre|10/3/12

Doors at 6:30 is pretty strange thing to me, but when it comes to music I like to be punctual. I want to make sure all is set for an entertaining night.

Due Big Gigantic has always stood to the left of EDM, owing as much to jam band scenes and acid jazz. The beats are rooted in electronica, but Dominic Lalli plays the saxophone and Jeremy Salken drums away, setting a unique standard. Big G hails from Boulder, Colorado, and made sure to bring a little bit of the Red Rocks vibe to Tempe.

I showed up at 8:20 since the show was announced to start at 8, so that I would have a good spot for Big G and be able to catch the opener: GRiZ. [Who unfortunately I didn't get to see at Electric Forest this past summer.] However, the parking lot was empty and I walked straight up to the will call line with barley any wait time for my tickets. Boom, they were just there. Never have I felt such a royal treatment before when it comes to will call situations.

I won't lie though; I have never seen the Marquee so desolate. I told myself, "No worries the crowd will soon arrive."

Finally at 9:00, GRiZ walked out to the stage to set his laptop down and since I had been a little punctual nerd, I landed myself a front row spot for GRiZ.

My friend happened to yell, "Yeah dude," and GRiZ just smiled right as he took to the soundboards. He even made sure to show his own skills on the saxophone during his set. The saxophone was out within five minutes of the set. It was clear that the crowd was going to get all saxed up tonight.

GRiZ dropped beats like "Tequila" along with dropping the unforgettable hit by DJ Fresh, "Gold Dust." The set got grimier as the night went on on. "Grimy" isn't used in a negative way; however it was more optimistic that the set could only get better and would only be another step closer to getting Big G out on the stage.

Once GRiZ finished up I turned around to find myself a bit displeased. The crowd had grown a bit, but not to the extent that I thought it would. Maybe I'm just stuck in festival mode and expect too much, or maybe people just decided to have a wasted Wednesday away from live music last night.

Finally at 10:20, lights lit the room. Big Gigantic has a well-recognized stage set up where there is an individual set up for both Lalli and Salken. LED lights are below and above the artists. Saxophone on the left and drums on the right.

May I say those lights were bright and caught everyone's attention: Big G was ready. Opening up with "Its Goin Down," it was clear that things we're indeed about go down. Caught y'all on that Big G. Drums, livetronica, and the saxophone caused a nonstop moving sensation throughout the crowd. Harder hits were churned into softer melodic undertones that rose louder through last night's set.

With Big G only having released two albums thus far (I would assume that more tracks are in work as I am typing) all of the top hits were played. Big G didn't let their most recent album, Nocturnal, outshine or over play their first album, A Place Behind The Moon, which I respect from any artist.

>By far the best thing to top off the night is my description of Big G's work and performance, or so I think. Big Gigantic has a different sound. It's unique. But I think their sound and music masterpieces sound like some pure healthy music sex. I mean this as in the saxophone, electronic beats and drums mesh so well together. Why should they ever stop?

If only there were no time cut offs they may have never stop going at it.

Personal Bias: Yeah, I was disappointed with the turn out. There are different types of sounds within the EDM culture rather than just the well-known faces you put to trance, dubstep, and house music.

Overheard: "You're f***ing handsome you mother f***er." Classy, I know. I suppose some girl really thought GRiZ was a handsome fellow. And I heard a few people chattering that seeing Big Gigantic was a better decision than watching the presidential debate.

The Crowd: True Big G fans sprinkled with a few bros here and there.

Random Notebook Dump: How many times can you say the word, hella? Please share. I've heard it enough to know at five times with the last minute.

Another Notebook Dump: If you think tonight is sick, you really need to see Big G at a music festival. That environment has Big G written all over it. (Take it from the chick that was at Electric Forest this past summer having musicgasms over Big G's set.)

Tips from Tay: Whiskey can put a damper on your nights. Be warned.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.