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Big Vinny & The Cattle Thieves

The battle cry of the rawest punk rock and proto-hardcore bands circa 1978-84 was "louder, faster, shorter" and the attitude behind that ethos was about shearing away rock and roll's accumulated excesses (tedious and/or showoff instrumental soloing, meandering songs). That premise is the bread and butter, the meat and cheese, the pepperoni and mushroom for locals Big Vinny & his Cattle Thieves. One's appreciation of their Addiction and Subtraction will depend on one's frame of reference — to aging hipsters who fondly recall Dez-era/pre-Henry Rollins Black Flag, pre-Tim Replacements, and the Damned ("Kiss From My Fist" evokes the Damned's "Neat Neat Neat"), much of this album will sound grossly dated or been there/done that. But for restless youth born after 1990 — full of piss 'n' vinegar, out for kicks — Vinny's thrashing guitar, urgently raspy singing, and angst-laden sense of satire ("I Was A Teenage Premature Ejaculator," "Got Me A Monster"), Addiction and Subtraction may be potential soundtrack material for their Friday night fever.
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Mark Keresman