Bigger Than Sound Music Documentary Chronicling Charlie Levy's Life as a Local Promoter Finally Hits Web

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If you didn't catch the screening of Bigger Than Sound at ASU's downtown journalism school last May, then chances are you probably haven't seen the student-made documentary that chronicles the career of local promoter Charlie Levy.

Filmmakers Kayla Frost, Alex Gregory, Mugo Odigwe, and Marissa Ochoa parted ways for Summer break shortly after the screening, and opted to wait until they reconvened for school before putting the film on the web for the rest of the world to see.

Frost, a senior and the film's producer, found herself in Alaska over the past three months, but is back in town and ready to share her group's masterpiece.

"I wanted to have a big part in releasing it," Frost says. "I wanted to be able to call people if I needed to and get it out to places in the Valley -- not just online -- so I wanted to actually be here to do that stuff. In Alaska I had really crappy internet [access] so I couldn't even put it online if I wanted to."

The film is just under 30-minutes long and utilizes testimonials from renowned Arizona artists like The Format's Nate Ruess and Sam Means, as well as Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins, and singer/songwriter Michelle Blades to tell the story of Levy's humble beginnings which began at Nita's Hideaway in Tempe.

According to Frost, the few people who have seen the documentary have had nothing but positive feedback for the videographers-in-training. "Even Charlie who said he would never-ever-ever watch it, watched it now that it's online and said he enjoyed it," Frost says.

The quartet is hoping to book some screenings at local spots like Filmbar next, and are moving forward with new projects.

"It's definitely a niche documentary so I want to look at the places that our audiences might be," she says. "Like music lovers, and not just people from the Phoenix area, but music lovers in general."

Until it hits big screens you can check it out here.

Bigger Than Sound from Sliding Door Productions on Vimeo.

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