Bigie Meanmugg Talks Party Foul!, Risky Club Behavior, Electro-house, Hangouts With Z-Trip, and More

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The name Bigie Meanmugg doesn't just allude to Shaun Cheney's stature or appearance. Its also a tip of the hat to the big sound of his frenetic disco-house and electo mixes, which have a flair for R&B smoothness, and knob-twisting bombast. He's also got ample talents in graphic design, as illustrated by the pimp-yet-pop appearance of his web site.

Bigie's also a core member of infamous musical instigators of the Party Foul! crew, which recently was revived by club night oblivion to once again become a premier hipster Valhalla, albeit on a monthly basis. Every four weeks or so, the Party Foulers take over CenPho gay bar Apollo's for an evening of effusive dance music and thrills aplenty. Most weekends, however, you can also catch him haunting Bar Smith as a regular at Sticky Fingers and Solstice.

Real Name: Shaun Cheney

A.K.A. Bigie Meanmugg

What's your current schedule: Fridays at Bar Smith for Sticky Fingers and then back at the place for Solstice on Saturday.

What do you primarily spin? I'm really about playing party rockers, mash-ups, some electro, some glitchy stuff, and hard shit. And hip-hop, of course, and even some old-school rock and punk stuff.

How did you start out: I used to DJ at church events when I was younger for five or six years. They'd have B-boy battles and dance competitions and whatnot, so I would play a lot of old school funk and breaks. I pretty much had to quit when I was 18 and sold all my records because I went broke. I started up again around four years ago at places like Camus, and me and friends eventually started up Word Up! At Glam with Kevin the Makeout Bandit.

What's the wildest thing you've seen at Party Foul back during its first run from 2008-2009? Outside I saw people having sex in the parking lot before, [party] kids doing drugs, and whatnot. We've def had a lot of crazy things going on at Party Foul. There's always level a general level of insanity or mania that kinda becomes the norm.

Are you glad that Party Foul has returned, even if its only once a month: Yeah. Everybody's looking for something new, either as an alternative to other club nights or because they're sick of the same rock and hip-hop tracks. Nothings changed in the last couple years while Party Foul went away. People will always want to get into crazies sounds. Everyone says electro is dead, but it's just good music that's stuck around. It's just some grimy-ass gritty shit.

Most memorable DJ moment: We once did an after party with Z-Trip at the old Propaganda gallery on Grand Avenue until like 6 a.m. There were a good 500 people there at one point and the speakers were so loud there was shit coming off the ceiling. Tricky T and Z-Trip were playing and they were passing a bottle of Captain Morgan back and forth. There was no AC and no one wanted to stop and everybody was sweating their balls off.

Bigie Meanmugg is scheduled to perform tonight at Bar Smith during Sticky Fingers and on Saturday during Solstice. Doors open at 9 p.m. both nights. Click here for more details.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.