Billet Bar in Scottsdale Closes Down

Scottsdale's bar and club scene is as volatile as ever. In the past week alone, we've reported on openings and closings, as well as the transformation of one particularly notorious dancehall.

Here's the latest development in Old Town's nightlife landscape: The Billet Bar has reportedly gone belly up.

We've heard rumors that the pint-sized biker joint (which is situated near Scottsdale Road and Osborn) had shut down sometime in the last week, and a call to a few of its neighboring businesses confirmed that fact.

Ordinarily, we would attempt to verify the state of the establishment with its owners or proprietors, but the telephone has been disconnected, either by choice or due to non-payment of the bill.

For those who'd never visited the Billet Bar before, it could best be described as an Old Town version of a biker bar. Fittingly sandwiched between a leather apparel store and tattoo parlor, it provided its patronage of weekend warriors and upper crust hawg enthusiasts with a one-stop shop for their well-moneyed Harley lifestyle.

Hardcore bikers (and even a few Hell's Angels) also frequented the place, pounding drinks at either of its two bars or shooting stick on the various pool tables. The outdoor Paradise Patio, which is ringed by an array of tropical plants, also provides plenty of fun and games, including ping pong, stripper poles, and some bad-ass booths covered in faux flames.

It's quite the fitting metaphor for the current state of the Billet Bar. A few years back (i.e. prior to the current monetary meltdown), the joint was packed four or five nights of the week. Once the economy tanked (and eviscerated sales of Harley-Davidsons along with it), the bar's fortunes took a turn for the worst.

Word on the street is that Billet's property might wind up becoming a restaurant, which should prove to be a boon to the adjacent EZ Tattoo since kitchen workers are known to sport some ink.

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Benjamin Leatherman is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times. He covers local nightlife, music, culture, geekery, and fringe pursuits.