Billie Maxwell, Aaron Lewis, Arcade Fire, Talib Kweli and More in This Week's Issue

Sarah Ventre went in search of the story of the oldest record ever made by an Arizona artist in this week's issue. Those records were made by original cowgirl singer Billie Maxwell and her humble family band from Eastern Arizona in the 1920s.

To do that, Sarah spoke to one of Maxwell's relatives, who still lives in the White Mountains, and local record collector John Dixon, who desperately wants a copy of Maxwell's record "Cowboy's Wife." The story is an interesting window into the history of the state and the music industry. If you're interested in checking out some of Maxwell's music, we've got all eight songs she recorded here at Up On The Sun.

Also in this week's print issue Jason P. Woodbury asks if former Staind singer Aaron Lewis is the most offensively fake "Country Boi" wannabe crossover yet? There sure are a lot of fake country sangers out there now, buckeroos, but we'll be knee-high spittin' on a possum's tail if ol' Aaron ain't one of the worst.

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