Birthday Madness

Tonight promises to be a wild one at the Stray Cat's weekly BANNED! in Tempe night, with both DJ Johnny Volume and wanna-be-startender Tyler King celebrating their birthdays at the punk rock DJ night (which I wrote about


, if you're curious). Here's the word from Mr. King's computer on the evening's festivities:

Yes indeed, "Everyone Gets Leighed" @ BANNED In Tempe! No really you will all get "Leighed"...

DJ Johnny Volume & myself will get one year closer to retirement age so ya know what that means...Hawiian Shirts and blender drinks for all. Yes boys and girls a beach party.

Guys: Hawiian shirts, board shorts, flip flops, etc.

Gals: Coconut bras, grass skirts, swim attire, whatever you feel beach worthy (aka a reason to go shopping), of course as a guy I am hoping for more skin haha but its up to you all...

DJs: Johnny Volume will do the first half of the night until he cant see straight. DJ Lantzer (KYs Place) will close out the ceremonys and keep Tim from breaking stuff.

Drinks: Joe Firmma & I will be pouring (i'll probably be drinking more than pouring but oh well, its my party too). As well as a frozen drink machine, yep thats right we want Blue Icy Margeritas and we want em now...

Attitude: Laid back mon'...

Stray Cat. Weds March 28th. 9pm-?

I'll be there, if only to see Tyler King rocking a grass skirt... Also, if you're bored, you can scope out all the AZPunkers spouting their opinions about me here. You've got to be hella bored though...

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