Blacc Hitla? Whateva!

I'm trying to count the ways that local Westside rapper


annoys the shit out of me. Let's start with calling your record

Blacc Hitla

. Because I'm a writer and by proxy an aspiring grammarian, the misspelling bothers the shit out of me. Now, I understand that urban street slang is habitually misspelled and abbreviated (take


for example), but I just don't think that "Hitla" really accomplishes the same thing. You're not gonna find Germans greeting each other, "Yo, what up my Hitla?"

Before we even get to Cballa's raps, let me ask, seriously, "Blacc Hitla?" What the hell is it about Hitler that makes an aspiring (read: nobody) rapper want to be known as the African-American version of one of history's most reviled hatemongers? You wanna hate on Whitey, at least African-American history provides you some fodder. But "Blacc Hitla"? So, Cballa, are you the Jews' worst African-American nightmare? What the fuck yo?

Some baby writer at ASU's State Press named Megan Salisbury got suckered into believing Cballa's hype (slow news day, Megan?), where Cballa's friend and CEO of his label, Clicc Made Entertainment, Marcus Staples, had this excuse for the album's name:

"For us it's a leader's mentality, a leader's mindset," Staples says. "Hitler is known for a lot of bad things that I believe overshadow a lot of the good things he did for his people... Young adds that Hitler used his leadership skills to motivate people to do what he wanted them to do. "I want to change people's mindset about what they can do," Young says. "I want to tell them to sell CDs instead of selling weed."

Get the fuck outta here man. That's the dumbest shit I've heard in an article in my goddamn memory (except for the Woodpile debacle). Actually, all I've got to say about this dumb fuck is if you waste your money on this shit, you're as stupid as Cballa and his boy are. Like hip-hop needs more negativity, more shitty role models, more dumbasses preaching half-baked, ignorant ideas. I was gonna post a couple songs by Cballa, but you know what, fuck this guy. You wanna hear his music, check his Web site. Better yet, leave him a message here and tell him to get a clue, and maybe an education while he's at it. Stupid fuck.

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