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Black Bottom Lighters, Treasure Mammal, and Waytansea Point Play The Fixx this Weekend

This weekend, you can have your local funk and experimental art rock, too. Not only are Black Carl and Gospel Claws playing a free show at hip hot spot The Duce on Friday, but there's another killer music show of local acts lined up at The Fixx in Tempe for Saturday night.

The show is being put on by Robbie Pfeffer, who edits the zine Tempe Starving Artist and also contributes the "Noise Complaint" comic to this very music blog, Up on the Sun. Here's a breakdown of the better bands on the bill:

Black Bottom Lighters: With three guitarists, a percussionist, and a turntablist, this band's sound lands somewhere between acoustic rock and reggae. Their jangly guitar hooks and fluid beats inspire both head-bobbing and pontificating. Black Bottom Lighters sound like Slightly Stoopid or 311 doing Sunday morning acoustic sets, but maybe even a bit better.

Treasure Mammal: A lot of Phoenix music fans are familiar with Abe Gil, a.k.a. Treasure Mammal, and his bizarre, high-energy live shows. Imagine Captain Beefheart jamming with Klaus Nomi, Frank Zappa, and Wesley Willis in the great beyond -- now give them a megaphone and a ridiculous outfit, and you've got something like Treasure Mammal.

Waytansea Point: Mitchell Kearney performs experimental soundscapes as Waytansea Point, utilizing a variety of keyboards, turntables, mixers, and other instruments. His compositions can sound like spacy, sci-fi TV show effects from the 80s ("Dinosaurous"), warped wedding marches and polka mashups ("Kay Kay & Say Say"), and ambient/psychedelic nature recordings ("Riva Round II").

Black Bottom Lighters, Treasure Mammal, Waytansea Point, Success Kid, and Adam Simons are scheduled to perform Saturday, May 7, at The Fixx, 15 E. Seventh Street in Tempe. The show starts at 7 p.m., and admission costs $5. Call 480-829-3420 or visit for more information.

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