Black Lips, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Destruction Unit at Marquee Theatre

Black Lips, Destruction Unit, Andrew Jackson Jihad @ Marquee Theatre|4/6/13
I do this thing with movies where if it's a director I like, I refuse to view trailers, read interviews or any news whatsoever related to the film until I've seen it in theaters. I did this with No Country for Old Men, The Master, Spring Breakers, and Melancholia, just to name a few. If I know the director is excellent and the movie will likely be excellent, I like going in completely ignorant, figuring out the storyline as I go along. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

That said, I should know the Black Lips inside and out. I'm a terrible hipster, apparently, because even the few songs I've streamed on YouTube have been lost in the muddle that is my drug-addled brain. Going in to review a show, I should know every lyric by heart, every riff like the back of my hand, every fucking drumbeat like my own heartbeat, right? Gawd, I'm a terrible hipster.

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