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Black Tape for a Blue Girl

Sam Rosenthal brings a new meaning to the term "dark arts." Since he founded the goth collective Black Tape for a Blue Girl 18 years ago, Rosenthal has experimented with a variety of musicians and sounds, from the ethereal (flutes and female vocalists) to the eclectic (edgy electronics and baritone singers). Halo Star, Black Tape for a Blue Girl's newest offering, features the vocals of Valley goth rocker Bret Helm (Audra), whom Rosenthal had in mind when he was writing songs for the new album. "I have written parts that let Bret be more in a rock 'n' roll mode," says Rosenthal. "I chose to create songs that were more accessible. Of course, that phrase is relative. Black Tape for a Blue Girl being accessible is nothing like, say, Elton John being accessible," he adds with a laugh. Still, Halo Star might be Black Tape's most rock album to date.
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