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Blessthefall Makes Their Reality Television Debut (Sort-of) and Other Local Music News

You know you've made it big when your band's T-shirt is featured on reality television. Phoenix band Blessthefall, who is playing a couple dates in Russia in October, is certainly proud of the national exposure they've encountered after some threads bearing the band's name made it onto truTV's "World's Dumbest Parties". Check out the pic below, and read on to see what more of your fave local bands have been up to.

If you're a local hip-hop artist looking to gain more exposure in the local and national scenes, submit one of your act's tracks for consideration on the local Mo Money Mixtapes' CTI Radio Mixtape Unisigned Edition, Volume 2. It's free to submit a song, which may be sent to [email protected] For more info, check out

If you're in a band looking for a new member or want to join a band or simply want to see what's new in the local music scene, is an "Arizona Music Classifieds" site where it's easy for bands to check out what their peers are up to and share the latest news--all focused on Arizona music. The latest blurb? There's a new local 80's band called Betamaxx which plays pop songs with a hard rock edge.

There's a new interview with The Summer Set. Their music's super-poppy, but it's by an emo girl. Hmmm, interesting. She seems pretty giggly and enamored with the band despite  her probable penchant for cutting herself. Check it out below.

Wanna guess who The Maine is bringing out on tour with them this summer? Well, they're not telling you quite yet, but they're making one of their super-fun videos to spill the news soon. In the meantime, post who you think it might be on their website. Maybe Justin Bieber?

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