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Blue-Eyed Son @ Lost Leaf

Just because a former hardcore punker turned surf instructor decides to dump the angst for acoustic guitars, it doesn't instantly make him a Jack Johnson shuffle artist. (And the world needs another Jack Johnson like I need a hole in my head.) Fronted by Andrew Heilprin, a surf instructor by day who once guided punk act 40 Watt Domain, Blue-Eyed Son suggests that Heilprin's time in the sun certainly seems to have mellowed him. Instead of fighting for waves, he's giving them away, and as he sings on Blue-Eyed Son's upcoming EP, Shadows on the Son, "Everything is golden." Far removed from Heilprin's agro roots, Blue-Eyed Son certainly has a laid-back, summery shimmer, along with jangly pop melodies, lush horn accentuations, and shiny harmonies. Even the anti-war ballad "We're Fighting a War" hovers just above a whisper until a nice electric lead and militaristic drumbeat impart some needed emphasis. "Good Men Die Like Dogs" follows, a bouncy, banjo-propelled folk number. Lyrically, however, Heilprin continues his visually insightful, outspoken ways. His new musical approach is simpler, easier to grasp — so even when the surf gets a little rough, it's a good time to be in the water.

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Glenn BurnSilver
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