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Blues Control

List of possible reasons to see Blues Control at Trunk Space: 1) Indie cred. Your unhip friends "wouldn't get it," and even though Pitchfork has already given the band some love, they don't even have a Wikipedia page yet. You and your post-rock sensibilities are so ahead of the curve. 2) You're planning on getting high. Whatever your drug of choice, you probably like to put something on and just chill the fuck out for a while, and going to see the metalcore marathon at Phix is definitely not the way to go. Instead, take in this guitar and keyboard duo from Queens. They keep the vocals out and let their instruments take you on a trippy but melodic ride that Siltbreeze Records describes as "beauteous extrapolations into the miasmic core of psychedelia and billowing fog of ambient space." Fortunately for everyone, the music isn't quite as pretentious as the band's label would have you believe, but it can be more than a little tedious. 3) Just looking for something different? Blues Control isn't a bad choice, especially since Gallagher doesn't come into town until the next day.
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Brian Bardwell