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Still feeling the brutal, toxic side effects of New Year's Eve? There's only one antidote for your suffering: punk rock! In all, five bands composed primarily of angry-sounding, undernourished-looking young men will rock Scottsdale's The Rogue, including local acts Sharp Sticks, Die Like Dogs, and Good Men. A fourth Valley band, Said Gun, is the probably the best-known of the opening acts — a sneering, squawking foursome whose sheet-metal riffs recall vintage Hüsker Dü and whose safety-pin-pierced cynicism (sample lyric: "And if we wanted to give up hope / There's not much hope") is straight-up Bad Religion. The headliner is Boats! — a Sacramento-based garage trio that's classic late-'70s punk all the way, from the plywood-amp guitars to the artfully off-key vocals. Each song is a two-minute hit-and-run assault; perfect for mosh-pit workouts or just a little private head-bobbing. Admittedly, you could start off the Terrible Teens with a more progressive synth-rock or mash-up show, but haven't you heard? Regression is the new progression.
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Craig Outhier