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Bob Dylan Cancels Phoenix Concert Due To "Excessive Heat"

: Phoenix, Arizona gets rather warm during the summer months.

Is this a good reason to avoid scheduling an outdoor concert at a minor league ballpark in suburban Glendale for mid-August? Probably. But, if such a concert a concert is scheduled -- as Bob Dylan did, by planning to play the Camelback Ranch park the White Sox and Dodgers use as a Spring Training facility Tuesday -- you should probably go through with it instead of issuing a last minute cancelation citing the "excessive" heat.

After all, the weather in Phoenix is nothing if not consistent. The high is supposed to be 108 degrees Tuesday, which is only 3 degrees above the 105 average for August 11. I don't imagine anyone could tell the difference. Yet here's the press release:

Given the weather forecast and excessive heat predicted for Tuesday, August 11 in the Phoenix area, it has been determined that these conditions have the potential to cause a serious health risk to the public, as well as the working personnel at the venue. After careful consideration, it has been determined that this potential risk is too great for all involved.

While we understand that this will cause an inconvenience to those who purchased tickets and were looking forward to the show, the potential for serious heat-related injury resulting from extended exposure in these conditions brought us to this difficult decision.

I think I speak for the majority of Phoenix when I say Bob Dylan can kiss my ass. I'm just sorry I won't get a chance to see the opener, Willie Nelson, again.

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Martin Cizmar
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