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Bob Hoag Wants to Appear on Mad Men: You Can Help

Local uber-producer Bob Hoag is owed a lot of favors in this town. The Atari-turned-knob-twister-turned-Love Me Nots Drummer has had half the bands in town come through his well-regarded Flying Blanket Studio in Mesa (even if the Black Cactus guys want no part of it) and routinely gets out-of-towners through.

What, you may be thinking, does a guy like Bob want out of life?

To be on Mad Men.

In a humble walk-on role.

That's it.

Surely we can make this happen, Phoenix?

As his business partner Chuckie Duff explains via e-mail, "the wardrobe department won't need to spend a dime on him."

Jackalope Ranch recently did a "What Are You Wearing" on Bob, so check that out.

Vote for Bob here.

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Martin Cizmar
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