Bob Log III, Adam Arcuragi, Outlaw Country Release Parties, and More

lthough downtown may or may not be ovah (depending on the particular mood of our fair editor Martin Cizmar), but in the meantime, East Phoenix might just be coming alive when it comes to live music.

In addition to the venerated Rhythm Room and its two decade legacy as blues and rock hotspot, Teakwoods Tavern has been holding some great gigs on the weekends during the past six months thanks to former Long Wong's booking queen Sara Cina (including appearances by Kevin Daly's Chicken and Waffles and even a secret show by Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins).

Just down the street is neighborhood bar Chopper John's, which has featured dozens of local rock and punk acts (such as Green Lady Killers and the Rhythm Dragons) and scored a major coup this weekend with an appearance by Tucson's Bob Log III.

The notorious one-man band is guaranteed to pack the joint with fans as he unleashes his dirty rock sound and encourages female audience members to show some skin. If you've never experience a Bob Log show before, here's how Mr. Cizmar describes both the man and his gigs back in 2009:

"Log is a Tucson-based one-man band who plays gritty blues while wearing a motorcycle helmet and skin-tight unitard. Log has a unique, though painfully consistent, sound, created by using his feet to play a drum and cymbal while he sings into a telephone attached to his helmet that distorts his vocals. He's known for his shows, which frequently feature nudity ("boob Scotch" he calls one bit, wherein he invites ladies from the crowd come up and stir his drink with their ta-ta's) and lots of dancing."

Sound groovy. Log's show is just one of nine low-cost/no-cost events worth partaking in this weekend. Hit the jump for all the rest of the action:

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Benjamin Leatherman is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times. He covers local nightlife, music, culture, geekery, and fringe pursuits.