Bob Log III Plays the Blues at Rhythm Room

At Bob Log III’s show, he probably won’t get shot out of a cannon. Rest assured, though, if the opportunity arises, he’ll be dressed for it.

The one-man-band’s ensemble is completed by a helmet that is rigged to include a telephone receiver microphone. While that headgear is certainly a focal point, once Log digs into his blues-punk tunes, your eyes get mesmerized by all the other goings on.

There’s the slide guitar work with some intricate finger picking, the drum section — operated by each of Log’s feet hitting corresponding pedals, and the throaty vocals that drip with sass and twang. Tunes like “Shake a Little, Wiggle it and Jiggle it Too,” “Boob Scotch,” and “Manipulate Your Figments,” throw this blues-tinged ’50s-style rock 'n' roll dance party into action.

Log, who grew up in Tucson, has been playing Delta blues since his teenage years, and was in a couple of other bands before going solo. From 1990 to 1996, he was one half of the lo-fi blues duo, Doo Rag, which spent a good chunk of time on the road supporting acts like Sonic Youth. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself on stage — or on Log’s lap, in particular — at the live show; it’s a common occurrence at his rowdy shindigs.

Bob Log III performs Saturday, May 26, at Rhythm Room. Tickets are $12 to $15 via
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Amy Young is an arts and culture writer who also spends time curating arts-related exhibits and events, and playing drums in local bands French Girls and Sturdy Ladies.
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