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What's more selfless than a bodhisattva who discovers nirvana but postpones his own enlightenment until he can get everyone else up to speed? How about Bodhisattva with a capital B, a two-man sonic tag team that uses every limb and brain synapse to give us ADD listeners the ultimate in death metal/jazz fusion and alt-rock, served up in 30-second jigsaw shards? Witness the duo's second CD, Brain-Candy for Insanity. Wherever possible, drummer Shane and guitarist Justin are saving us precious time in seconds, from not listing their last names in their liner notes, to eliminating the need to wonder "What's the bass player wearing?" and giving us the payoff without the boring, slow buildups. Even Bodhisattva's song titles have no time for the space bar: "Jackrabbitacidwaltz," the near Angelo Badalamenti swagger of "Sinistertransmission," and "Notesfromasympatheticpessimist," which lists every reason to end it all, from "I came from nothing and that's where I belong" to "My only hope is drowning in my own apathy." Reason to postpone your untimely demise? This show's got holiday giveaway prizes!
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Serene Dominic
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