Bogan Via, Anthony Fama, and Emby Alexander Drop New Videos. Watch Them Here

Phoenix doesn't just boast talented music makers, we also got this cool seraglio of directors. And when you combine the two, you get the kind of music vid that's worthy of all your indie cred.

Cash it in right here with three kickass, locally produced music videos.

Bogan Via - "Kanye"

A certain Mr. West's narcissism is making all the headlines these days, but is his new album, Yeezus, so important you'd steal and even murder for it? In Bogan Via's newest video, directed by Freddie Paull, that's exactly the case.

Paull came up with the whole concept, wherein the indie couple slash hipster synth popstars Bret Bender and Madeline Miller behaved as actors with just a sprinkle of input, according to Bender.

"It was Freddie's interpretation of what he felt when listening to the song, which was certainly very different than the conclusions we had drawn," Bender says. "But that's kinda the beauty of all art. Everybody takes from it what they want. We're just happy people are getting something from it at all."

Paull also did the video for "Red Sun," a mashup cover of Sam the Sham's "Little Red Riding Hood" and The Animals' "House of the Rising Sun."

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Anthony Fama - "Walls"

Mr. Fama, of Doctor Bones notoriety, has a voice somewhere between David Byrne and Ian Curtis when he's buried in his main band's dance-heavy grooves.

But when he's stripped away with just an acoustic, he resembles Nick Cave and maybe a tiny bit of Bob Dylan. But those comparisons are just mild placeholders -- Fama really sings in a category all his own.

The video for "Walls," directed by Brett Ridler and shot by Nino Lucarelli, is simplistic but powerful. Images of the desert, a mirror and chain-smoking cigarettes really adds to the straightforward message of the lyrics: "This life ain't no paradise / When it bears all its fruit to you."

Emby Alexander - "Drag The Long Way Home"

This video starts out with a quiet, painful Wes Anderson-style dialogue about a breakup that is mostly nonfiction. Then, it melts into nude cave-dwelling scenes, stop motion worms, underwater drowning clips and more. It might remind you of Plato's famous cave allegory.

Director Trevvor Riley and front Michael B. Alexander, for which the band is named, worked on the video for a year, coming up with the concept together and alternating sequences. Riley had a dream about the worms and Alexander had a dream about the drowning, for example.

"'Drag the Long Way Home' has a two-minute opening sequence that I don't expect people to give a shit about or watch the rest of the video because of it," Mr. Riley tells me. "If they don't want to care I'm not fighting anyone to care, not right now. I will fight them to care in a movie about Harry Houdini. I will fight them to care in The Loon. But not about something I care about saying."

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