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Bon Jovi in 140 Characters or Less

Bon Jovi proclaimed on their Twitter they were "ready for Arizona" before their show at Arena last night, and the rock band members weren't the only stars in the building. Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre came out, and Dashboard Confessional singer Chris Carrabba had something to say about the concert his band opened up for. Here's what some of the group's fans had to Tweet about the show.

As always, you can also read our review here.

@ChrisCarrabba- Jon Bon Jovi just smiled at me from stage and turned me into a 17 year old girl in 1985.

@BON_JOVIOLOGIST- Duuuuudes!!!! Bon Jovi ROCKED lat night!!!! Whoop!!!!

@enzo_cl- Great concert...Bon Jovi sounds like if he were 20...

@thelatemrshunt- dead tired-Bon jovi concert in Phoenix. My voice is horse & my feet hurt...but so good!!

@misschris_org- Bon jovi is one hot 40-something. His concert was awesome (although more classics would've been appreciated). So glad I went!

@candibabi- Bon Jovi Concert was chill. I miss his older stuff tho. Good night to spend with the fam tho.

@freddie84- just got back from seeing Bon Jovi in Glendale, wat a kick ass concert...Made my nite...


@AlisonJeanine- I am at the Bon Jovi concert and everything is VERY sparkly. :) I love sparkly!

@CLBrannan- Love Bon Jovi but this concert isn't as good as the #bonjovi @Chris_daughtry double scoop we got last time!

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