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Just received word yesterday afternoon that the Brickhouse in Phoenix on Jackson Street won its battle to regain a liquor license. Here's the missive that went out:

Apperently the (real) City of Phoenix spoke a little louder than the City council.

PEOPLE>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Brickhouse is back in full swing with booze. Don't try to adjust your computer, you heard it right.

This time is for real.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate than the Holiday bash we had this weekend. Thank you to both shows, the artists, and all who supported the Brickhouse when it was down.

My pledge still remains....

We will change the way people view the entertainment in Phoenix. I only hope the production can keep up with the great talent.

Thanks to all again. The New Year looks bright :o)

From your local Yahoo Roger

Congrats to the Brickhouse; the liquor's not just a necessary profit-device for the venue but a serious draw to folks like me who like to swerve to the music. Here's hoping that amps up the number of quality touring acts that get booked at the spot...

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