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Bordertown Devils

Sometimes these concert previews aren't the cakewalk they may appear to be. It's always a challenge to write with some authority about a band you've never heard of, especially when said band is a Tucson punk rock outfit with little presence on the Internet outside of the obligatory MySpace page and a lone 53-second video on YouTube. As I listened to "Rot and Roll," the first of four songs on the Bordertown Devils' MySpace page, I thought "Hmm, sounds a little like Social Distortion, or maybe the Ramones." Sure enough, when I scrolled down to their influences, Social D and the Ramones were right beneath the Misfits at the top of the list. Other influences include Hank Williams, Rancid, Johnny Cash, and Black Flag, so these guys clearly occupy that strange spot on the music spectrum where punk and rockabilly meet up in a dark alley to duke it out in a flurry of denim and pomade. If you're the type who drives around in a primered '50s hot rod with a haircut that resembles the first character in an HTML tag (<), chances are you'll feel right at home at the Rogue West this Friday night.
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Mike R. Meyer