BORG, Sharon Jones, 'Chronicles of Sheriff Joe,' Torche, and More in This Week's Issue

This week's music feature is on local band Beyond Our Recognitions of God (BORG) taking action within their community. After BORG's drummer, John Landato, was stabbed in the neck by someone they've called a "crazed junky" after playing an anti-meth show in August, band member Joe Terborg has begun to advocate his Dads Against Meth Use group even more than before. The band will be performing in Mesa this Friday as part of a D.A.R.E. sort of fundraiser for the Child Crisis Center.

Sharon Jones seems to have a life fit for a film. She slowly but surely made a name for herself and got together with a fantastic backing band, and now she's setting the worlds of soul and funk on fire. Meanwhile, a handful of local bands have teamed up for a compilation album of songs about the one and only Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Plus, singer Steve Brooks takes on a bit of a genre change from his time with Floor, his previous band, to his current band, Torche.

Plus we've got show previews for Tom Petty, Ratatat, O.A.R., Surfer Blood, The Pixies, and Skybox.

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