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Borgore @ Marquee Theatre

People who thought Matisyahu was unusual for being an American Hasidic Jewish reggae artist will really be thrown for a loop when they hear the music of Asaf Borger, a.k.a. Borgore. This mixmaster from Israel puts a new twist on dubstep, adding layers of hard drum 'n' bass and metal guitars, along with lyrics that sound ripped from the pages of a misogyny handbook. Fellatio is a recurring theme. Some of his songs, like "Love," open with punctuated percussion that sounds like somebody being repeatedly slapped in the face, and right after he sings, "Suck it, bitch!" there are some gritty, scratchy synthesizers that sound like somebody pissing on the machine. Other Borgore tracks, like "Ice Cream," make such proclamations as, "All these bitches wanna lick my ice cream," over a backdrop of splattering snare drum and backing vocals by a woman who sounds like she's half passed out on a roofie cocktail. But that's nothing compared to his newer tracks, like "Nympho" (from his Borgore Killed Dubstep EP), on which he raps, "Do you know what's hardcore? Me shoving an elephant up your sister's back door." Borgore may not be the proverbial "nice Jewish boy," but he's definitely the most provocative dubstep alchemist touring today.

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