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Bouquet: Tom Filardo (ex-Asleep In the Sea) Crafts Dark Pop; Tours with Mt. Eerie

See also: Filardo, "I Can Love You More" See also: Key Losers' Katy Davidson: "Phoenix Is Way Cooler than Portland, In a Lot of Ways." Discussing the inspiration behind his new dark pop outfit Bouquet, Tempe songwriter Tom Filardo says the idea is fairly literal: a number of self-contained contributions assembled into a single whole.

"Most of the songs in our set are primarily written by each one of the band members," Filardo explains, "having many creative inputs and therefore a more varied output."

Bouquet is indeed a collection of songwriters that have held their own in the past. L.A. songwriter Carolynn Pennypacker Riggs, the band's founder, spent years putting out ornate indie pop songs under The Finches moniker.

Filardo's name might ring a bell for Phoenicians who witnessed the charms of his former indie pop band Asleep in the Sea who split up in 2007. Since then, he released a solo album of erudite, eccentric pop last year on his little brother Christian's cassette label Holy Page.

"Generally, I think the goal she had in mind is that she wants multiple primary writers, hence the name Bouquet," Filardo says.

Riggs, Filardo, guitarist Aaron Olsen, and drummer David Pené will be heading out on tour with Mt. Eerie, the solemn and unpredictable project of ethereal Washington songwriter Phil Elverum, making a stop at the Crescent Ballroom on Monday, October 1.

Filardo says Bouquet recorded their first three-song digital single in a cabin on Mount Pinos, a mountain range about two hours north of L.A. After the tour with Mt. Eerie, the band will likely begin work on a full-length release during a composers' residency in the northern California town of Montalvo.

Bouquet's penchant for recording in serene locales is simply a product of the band's long-distance relationship, Filardo explained. "It's kind of a product of being an adult in music, getting it done any way we can," he says.

"The Sky Alone" is a Riggs-penned number that employs the dramatic guitar interplay and moody vocals of her past Finches work. Take a listen to that track from the band's first digital single below.

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