Boy George at Myst

Boy, oh boy. Just in time for Halloween, one of the spookiest-lookin' characters of the past few decades is coming to town to pick up one of Phoenix's infamously cheap eight-balls of blow. Oh, and Boy George will be DJing, too, for the kickoff of the 5th Annual Ghost Ball Halloween Block Party, on Indian Plaza in Scottsdale. Fresh off his arrest for cocaine possession in New York (c'mon, man, you don't call the cops on yourself when there's piles of booger sugar lying around), Boy George is opening the event, which its promoters claim drew more than 10,000 people last year, with a headlining set at Myst on Friday, October 28. He'll be joined by fellow Brits Dean Millward and Marc Vedo on the tables, hopefully neither of whom was the hustler that BG is blaming his charlie bust on. If we're lucky, BG will be riding the white pony once again and really get the asses shakin' up in that piece. Maybe Kate Moss will even duck out of the Meadows rehab center up in Wickenburg and join the fun.
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Brendan Joel Kelley