Boys and Frogs New Video for "Heir to Stares"

​Over the last year, director Daniel Emerson Williams has thrice turned Peoria's Boys and Frogs into a pack of creepsters. First with "In Dreams" (Seriously, is that dude wearing a bone tie!?), then with the high budget, stalker-filled "Old Tribes." Just over two months after their last video release, Williams and the Boys (and girl) bring the lower budget, Ghost Hunters-inspired "Heir to Stares."

On top of plenty of appropriately blank stares, the video also features a healthy dose of eerie looking dolls and shapes draped in sheets that suggest a dead body lies beneath. You know, standard music video fare. 

It completely fits the whole Dresden Dolls-meets-jazz vibe the band is going for. This makes for three solid music videos under their belt, which just makes us that much more excited for the next. My prediction is they'll go totally Dexter

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Christina Caldwell